Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for life.

In addition to traditional manual therapy, we practice Applied Functional Science: the science of "Doing In Life". The body is like a chain; you move one link and the adjacent links must follow. Like the old saying goes, "the knee bone's connected to the hip bone" - it really is! Your body has an amazing ability to compensate and move in the direction of least resistance. So when one link in the chain becomes dysfunctional the adjacent links take on additional stress and strain, resulting in abnormal movement and pain. To get at the root of your problem, we must address the dysfunctional links above and below the area of your pain. To do this, we integrate functional 3D movements along your body's chain, forcing pain-free movement at restricted areas and resolving compensatory movement patterns. These 3D movements immediately increase mobility of the stiff segments while simultaneously improving strength and control of the weak segments by reeducating your proprioceptors. The end result: restoration of normal mechanics throughout the entire chain.

We know each of our clients have different goals and passions in life, and we have designed our clinic with that in mind. In addition to functional rehabilitation, we integrate our therapists' expertise with the benefits of Pilates, massage therapy, fitness training, acupuncture, manual stretching, nutrition, and sport-specific training programs to get you the best results. Our gym offers Pilates reformers, TRX training system, pulleys, cardiovascular equipment, balance and functional training equipment, free weights, and TruStretch to meet all your rehabilitation and fitness needs.

San Clemente

901 Calle Amanecer, Ste. 320, San Clemente CA
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