Fitness Training

At Ocean Physical Therapy, we believe the ability to achieve and maintain optimal health is a balanced lifestyle that includes physical therapy, physical fitness and good nutrition. Our team of certified fitness trainers reflects these components by using a diverse knowledge base to create individualized fitness programs that will propel you towards your specific health and fitness goals. Whether you are looking to continue with transitional training from your physical therapy program or simply need motivation or a personalized program with a trainer by your side to guide you through your progress, our experienced team can work with you to reach a higher level of fitness and better health. We ensure that each training session optimizes time and effectiveness while incorporating proper body mechanics for safety and injury prevention. Download our Athletic Training Pricing Sheet.

Stretch Cage. Photo: Oliver Bentley

Our trainers are knowledgeable in many different areas including:
Weight loss
Functional training
Sports performance
Athletic ability
Plyometric training
Strength and power
Cardiovascular endurance
Lean muscle toning
Who can benefit from fitness training:
People of all ages, body types and levels of fitness!!
Physical therapy patients
Post-rehab patients
Youth and young athletes
Weekend warriors

Photo: Oliver Bentley



  1. Bob Ritson
    12/08/2014 at 4:40 AM

    Hi Lissa
    It’s been two years now since my heart surgery and I need to get back into playing shape. Of course that includes some motivation to change from fat boy to lean boy :)
    Do you still provide athletic consulying and training?? With the arthritis I have especially in the lower back, I’ve been avoiding the gym due to chronic pain but I want to break that cycle.
    You can msg me on my cell 949 463 1265
    Hope you and Robbie have a great Xmas

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