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We know each of our clients have different goals and passions in life, and we have designed our clinic with that in mind. In addition to functional rehabilitation, we integrate our therapists' expertise with the benefits of Pilates, massage therapy, fitness training, acupuncture, manual stretching, nutrition, and sport-specific training programs to get you the best results. Our gym offers Pilates reformers, TRX training system, pulleys, cardiovascular equipment, balance and functional training equipment, free weights, and TruStretch to meet all your rehabilitation and fitness needs.


Fitness Training

At Ocean Physical Therapy, we believe the ability to achieve and maintain optimal health is a balanc + more

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf

Our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Lissa Trevino, PT, ATC, CGFI-3 has been certified by Title + more

Gym Membership

Fit*Minded Fitness, the fitness training division of Ocean Physical Therapy, offers a one-of-a-kind + more


“GREAT ATHLETES ARE NOT BORN, THEY ARE MADE!” What is Athleticism® and its benefits + more

A Trickle of Unease

Time to challenge a social indifference to female incontinence by Mandy Kemp + more

San Clemente

901 Calle Amanecer, Ste. 320, San Clemente CA
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